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Centre de Recherches et d'Etudes Anthropologiques Faculté d'Anthropologie et de Sociologie Université Lumière Lyon 2 Campus Porte des Alpes, Bâtiment K 5, Avenue Pierre Mendès-France 69676 Bron Cedex, France

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Edited journal issues

Kristina Tiedje, ed. "Ecocosmologies and 'Western' Epistemologies: Contestation, Conflict and Collaboration. Special Issue for the Journal of the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture. With contributions from K. Tiedje and L. Johnston, C. A. Claus, K. Boggs, E. Allison, P. Dominguez, and A. Regassa Debelo. 2017, Volume 11(2).

Kristina Tiedje and Jeffrey Snodgrass, eds., "Indigenous Religions and Environments: Intersections of Animism and Nature Conservation." Special Issue for the Journal of the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture. Contributors: M. Amster, N. Bird-David, L. Obadia, K. Pickering and B.Jewett, J. Snodgrass, and K. Tiedje. 2008 Volume 2(1).

Kristina Tiedje and Ekkehard Schröder, eds.: "Medizinethnologie "on the Move." Lebenswelten unter medizinanthropologischen Perspektiven" (Medical Anthropology "on the move": Anthropological Perspectives on Lifeworlds). Double Issue for Curare. Contributors: L. Albers, W. Bichmann, R. Brandl, C. Deimel, H. Jaeger, C. Kloepfer, B. Leistle, M. Vivod, K. Tiedje. 2007 Vol. 30(2+3).

Journal Articles

Tiedje, K and L.F. Johnston, Special Issue Introduction: Ecocosmologies and 'Western' Epistemologiews: Contestation, Conflict and Collaboration. Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture Volume 2017, 11(2): 153-156.

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Kristina Tiedje and David J. Plevak. "Medical Humanitarianism in the United States: Alternative Healthcare, Spirituality and Political Advocacy in the Case of our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic." Social Science and Medicine Vol. 120, November 2014, pages 360-367. DOI information: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2014.05.018

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Book chapters

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Book reviews

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My new edited journal issue on ecocosmologies and 'Western' epistemologies was just published online with Journal of the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture.


I also have three forthcoming book chapters on my research on religion and the environment in Mexico. I am currently working on a book manuscript on immigration and social suffering.